Hello! I’m Melissa, a proofreader and copyeditor.

I’m ready to help you turn your rough drafts into polished, publishable material.

About Me

Hello! I’m Melissa Bradford. I am a high school Spanish teacher in the St. Louis area, and I have a passion for grammar and linguistics. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Secondary Education, and International Studies, and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education.

When I’m not proofreading or teaching, I love to cook and bake, practice my German (I have a Duolingo streak of 3+ years that I am very proud of), scrapbook, and cuddle with my cat, Chet.

I’m a graduate of Edit Republic’s High-Level Proofreading Pro, a course that has helped me understand all aspects of the proofreading business. I will happily work with all types of texts, but the topics and genres that I am best suited for include:

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